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My name is Franci and I am the founder of Joints Spearfishing Tahiti. It all started back in 2015, when I crafted my first wooden speargun in a humble garage with just a handful of used tools. Fast forward to today, and our small company has blossomed into a dynamic duo, committed to bringing the essence of the islands to the spearfishing world.
At Joints Spearfishing Tahiti, we take pride in our craft, designing and building wooden spearguns and filleting knives with precision and passion. Our exclusive filleting knives feature a wooden sheath and are inspired by the iconic Japanese Tanto knives. We also collaborate with third-party companies to create spearfishing gear with the highest-quality materials on the market, such as titanium, SI3N4 ceramic bearings, carbon fiber, Burma teak, and Yamamoto neoprene.
Our philosophy is simple: we strive to make the most innovative and sustainable spearfishing gear without compromising on durability. All our knives and spearguns are designed using 3D technology, and crafted with the help of a CNC machine before being hand-finished with local Polynesian traditional wood carvings, to capture the mana of our islands.
At Joints Spearfishing Tahiti, we place a huge emphasis on eco-sustainability, and are dedicated to limiting our use of plastics and unnecessary packaging materials. We only use salvage cardboard, polystyrenes, and packaging materials collected from other companies around the island.
As a spearfishing company, we believe that spearfishing is the most sustainable and responsible way of gathering food, both for personal use and for small commercial activities. We are passionate about what we do, and are committed to providing our customers with a personalized and attentive service that will accompany them in their choice of our products.
So come and experience the true essence of the islands with Joints Spearfishing Tahiti. Let us help you take your spearfishing game to the next level, and bring a taste of Polynesian magic to your underwater adventures!

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