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Founder & Co-Founder

Born by the sea, grew up on the sea, shaped by the sea. 

I build spearguns for living, for fishing and for fun! 

Stole the motto from Cutty Sark, restless!


Right Arm

Born in the Tuamotus, promoting the Polynesian culture as the hands behind the beautiful sculptures of Joints Spearguns. Sam is to Joints as water is to the ocean, with his calm, precision and tirelessness, he's the art behind the performance. 



​I've been attracted by the ocean from the very beginning.  Today I finally found the perfect balance between providing food using the most selective fishing methods, and "enjoint" each & every moments out on sea. Continuously looking forward to new adventures, new performance and sharing the good vibes with the best people ever.

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As a child and as an adult, the sea has given me the joy of living. To find something to eat there, the freedom to evolve, to tell its story, to film it, to share the marvellous spectacle that it offers, constantly renewed. 

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It all started in the late ‘80s in the wild Pacific coasts of Nicaragua, my father would disappear from shore and return with a fish or two for our family to celebrate by the beach. I would follow him and immerse myself in the wilderness. Fast forward 25 plus years life has taken me to the busy and smoky streets of London, the essence of spearfishing however remains the same for me. I travel the world’s most remote places for spearfishing in search of memorable catches and unforgettable connections with local cultures.

Fortune favours the bold - stay tuned for more!

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