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In Tahitian Hopu means to dive to collect from the bottom of the ocean. Or simply to dive. This is in one word the whole philosophy of Joints Spearfishing, born in the paradisiac islands of French Polynesia, our company is leading our sport to the most sustainable way of gathering food for ourself, with almost zero impact on the nature spearfishing is the best fishing method, so don't go to the grocery store! Hopu ia oe! Go diving!


Introducing our state-of-the-art carbon fiber fins, made in Italy in collaboration with C4, a 38-year industry leader in fin technology—the pioneers of carbon fiber fins. These fins are specifically designed for oceanic spearfishermen and passionate free divers, ensuring top-tier performance and durability.

Engineered for the ultimate underwater experience, our fins feature a unique camo pattern to help you blend seamlessly with the reef, enhancing your stealth and effectiveness.


When selecting the foot pockets, our priority was to ensure they were light, comfortable, and provided optimal power transfer to the blades. The C4 250 foot pockets stood out as the only choice that met all these criteria. Weighing just 250 grams and made from super soft rubber, these foot pockets offer a barefoot-like feel, making them perfect for extended spearfishing sessions.

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