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"Spearfishing gear for brave spearos"



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Our SASHIMI KNIFE single bevel Yanagiba style. With it's perfect shape and the hand sharpened blade, you will appreciate cut your Sushi grade fish slice after slice.

  • Features: Blade length: 28cm
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Knife length: 43cm
  • Made with 440c
  • Easy to maintain with a quick rinse after use

To keep your SASHIMI KNIFE in top shape, we recommend using GUNWAX, our 100% natural product, to refresh your Joints Speargun and TIPI. Easy to apply, simply rub your wood with a cloth. Not only does it keep your Joints Speargun in good condition, but it's also eco-friendly, as it comes in a reusable container. Order your SASHIMI KNIFE now and experience the difference!

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