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"Spearfishing gear for brave spearos"


AVE 130

220 000xpf
In stock
Product Details

The AVE 130 is conceived especially for BLUE WATER HUNTING, named after the Yellowfin Tuna in Tahitian, its innovative design ensures remarkable accuracy up to 7 meters, without any recoil. Despite its power, it is compact, lightweight, and well-balanced even for deep dives. The AVE 130 comes with an 8.5mm shaft and offers the option for an 8.5mm slip tip. Its breakaway feature makes it perfect for pure blue water hunting style.

TECH SPECS (standard setup):

  • Burmese Teak and Carbon UD lamellar building
  • Ergonomic handle available in right, left, or central position
  • PRIMELINE small ID bands
  • Standard 8,5x160 Double flopper shaft (staggered)*
  • Spliced Dyneema SK78® Loading lines
  • All SI3N4 Ceramic bearings

All AVE 130 spearguns are made individually to order, with customization options for fishing and accessories. After purchase, we will provide an estimated delivery date via email. Price refers to the speargun, one double flopper shaft and the bands. *If you choose the Sliptip on the options, the standard shaft provided will be a threaded one.

If you need help customizing your order, feel free to reach out via email, we will help you to customize your order to the least detail.

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