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"Spearfishing gear for brave spearos"



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Looking for the perfect filleting knife for your next fishing trip? Look no further than TIPI. Made with 440c High Carbon stainless steel, the blade is incredibly sharp and effortlessly glides through flesh. The handle and sheath are crafted from premium Burmese Teak, the same wood used for your favorite spearguns, providing a comfortable grip and stylish look. The teak sheath also allows for easy storage without risking any damage to the blade. Maintenance of this knife is a breeze - simply rinse regularly and apply GUNWAX for a long-lasting, natural shine. TIPI is also available in VG10 stainless steel with Damascus layering.


  • Blade length: 20 cm
  • Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Knife length: 34 cm
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